"The first rule of cycling: Endeavour to look cool at all times." ~Chris Boardman

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How It Works

1. Create a design
     a. Create a design for all types of cycling clothing. We will start you with a jersey template, you let your
     creative juices flow!

2. Submit your design
     a. Submit your finished design to Impulse Jersey for voting. You can either send us a .jpg or .gif file or
     check out our templates here. You can also get further information on our design specs here.

3. Get votes!
     a. Impulse Jersey will place your design on our “voting” page. Designs with the most votes will go
     to press and you start making money! We will not only print jerseys, but t-shirts, socks and more! Get
     the word out. The more you tell the more you will make!

4. Printed designs
     a. Once your design is printed, you will receive commission based on the number of pieces sold. Heck, it
     might be liked so much, we will have to bring it out of retirement!


Interested? Submit your design NOW!
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