Do I have to be an artist to submit a design?
No! Anyone with and idea can submit a design.

Do my design have to be cycling specific?
Absoultely not! We are looking for designs from all different perspectives. Be it cycling specific or far from it, lets see what you can come up with!

How can I submit my design?
You can submit your design online using the submit link on the left link bar. Designs can be submitted using the online template or just a scanned drawing. Anything goes and we will work with you to make your design fit our products as best as possible.

When can I start buying clothing?
We are working on manufacturing our first group of jerseys, socks and shirts! Check back in February for our first designs.

How can I vote for a design?
Once a design is submitted to us, we will post it to the website. You will be able to vote for all designs that are not for sale. If you see something you like and want to buy it, VOTE! The most popular designs will go to print and be available for purchase.

Can I hire a designer to do my team kits?
Yes! Contact us and we will get you in touch with our designers. They would love to hear from you!

Interested? Submit your design NOW!
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