Impulse Jersey was birthed in a chain bicycle store. Walking through the aisles of cycling clothing and being uninspired, the idea came. Why aren’t there any jerseys for sale that people actually want to wear? I realize that there is a large spectrum of what people think is cool and what is not, but do we really need to spend a bunch of money on a single color jersey with a store logo on it? As a young avid cyclist, I used to collect the team jerseys of my favorite riders. Large sponsor logos run across most of them and looking back, I remember why I “needed” to buy them, but am not excited to wear them anymore. These days, I want to wear a jersey that might inspire someone, make someone laugh or might persuade someone to want to throw out their old McDonalds milkshake container at me.

The project began to grow in my mind. I was constantly coming up with ideas for jerseys but knew I couldn’t do it all on my own. I have one style and not everyone is going to like it! I had to find more designers. I began to reach out to the amazing artists I have met throughout the years, browsed the web searching for new friends and opened up the website and social media to the public. I was looking for anyone who was a cyclist or who know nothing about the culture, people who already were pursuing their art careers and those who didn’t even know their doodles had the potential. I wanted to create a diverse group of products that didn’t just represent one niche of the bicycle community. When asked, I tell interested artists that everything goes. Put anything on a jersey, be it very literal or having nothing to do with bicycling, and let’s see what you come up with! The project has a specific outcome (to create unique cycling clothing) but is designed so that anyone can submit anything. Be it a doodle on a napkin or a full jersey template, their artworks will be open to the public to admire and own.


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